The Adventure of Moving 800 Miles

Finally, today’s post asks, “Where do you most want to go in 2014?”

My biggest trip this year will most definitely be moving from West Virginia to Maine, which is happening very soon! I have been saving money for moving costs, so my travel budget is a little tight. This year, I’ll probably stick to travel in the US.

The two trips I will (hopefully) be taking will be down to Hagerstown, MD to visit two of my best friends when they gather everyone from out of town for a shindig. I’m still very close with my college friends, though we’ve all ended up depressingly far away from one another. We don’t get to see each other often, but it’s always so nice to spend time with each other.

The other trip is out to San Francisco (which I haven’t been to outside of the airport), to visit my Josh’s friend for his birthday. Josh has been wanting to go out to visit, and his friend invited a bunch of us out to visit in September. I’ve wanted to go there for a while now, so I am hoping I’ll have the money saved up to fly out for the party.

That said, the beautiful thing about moving to a whole new state is all the discoveries you get to make close to home. The first several months will be like travelling - trying new restaurants, engaging with the local arts scene, meeting new people. (And hopefully, seeing a moose.)

(But really, the answer to the original question is always New Zealand. ;))

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