This prompt asks, “What one thing, when you see photos of it, make you just want to just pack your bags and go?”

Before last November, I would have answered this with Hagia Sophia, no hesitation. Now, I would still love to go back and visit it again, but nothing will compare to my very first time, where I was brought to tears by witnessing how grandiose and beautiful the structure is. Now, my response would probably be Florence Cathedral, for the reasons detailed in my Europe post.

All that said, I really want to go stay in a Free Spirit Sphere in BC, Canada. Ever since I saw them, I knew I had to go. I love the idea of being up in the midst of nature. One thing I love about Lord of the Rings is the Elvish cities of Lothlorien and Rivendell (letting out some of my inner nerd here). Lothlorien especially is a very tree-centric dwelling, and this might be the very closest I could get to that. (Plus I really want to go to BC!)

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