A Difficult Choice

Today’s BootsnAll post is on travel in Asia!

My plans for Asia have never been concrete, though I know there are many places I want to visit. I’ve wanted to travel around Southeast Asia for several years now, but there are plenty of countries in the rest of the continent that I want to visit as well. It’s such a massive, diverse continent that it would be hard to choose just one country.

If I were to choose one to go to first, however, it would probably be Thailand. An old friend lives there and I would love to visit her, and it would be easy to get a good mix of more ‘tourist-y’ things like Ayutthaya and Sukkothai (both UNESCO World Heritage sites and therefore, swarming with tourists) and places off the beaten path, where there are fewer tourists and a more authentic Thai experience (especially some Thai food, the spicier the better!).

But, of course, it would be odd to go to Thailand without travelling to the other countries in the area, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, et cetera. I’d especially love to visit Vietnam for the historical aspect, being an American.

If any veteran travellers out there have suggestions for Asia (whether Southeast or elsewhere!), I’d love to hear them. Comment below, or tweet (my Twitter handle is @anddontblink).

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